The Benefits of Face Shaving in Your Friday Night Glow Up Routine

Female face shaving is so faux pas; but there’s no need for it. Hot girls shave too! And there are benefits to it you need to find out about.

There are a lot of misconceptions flying around like “it’ll make your new hairs grow back darker”. Some people will even say some crazy things like it hurts. Hint: it doesn’t.

In reality, it couldn’t be any more easy or safe for your skin. Actually, it’s beneficial in so many ways. Here’s 8 of them:


1. Dermaplaning Can Be So Unnecessarily Expensive

Ok, let’s start with ushering that big fat elephant out of the room. Dermaplaning; yeah, it’s amazing. But it’s also so expensive. It takes time out of your day and that’s even if you manage to get booked in with your aesthetician in the first place.

So, if you’re already loving that smooth skin and flawless foundation appliqué, this is the biggest benefit you’ll see. Yeah, we went there with the fancy-shmancy French word.


2. You’re Getting Rid of That Extra Skin Layer You Never Actually Needed

Using a microblade to gently remove excess skin, oils and peach fuzz exposes the healthy skin underneath.

It’s really just giving your skin a super effective exfoliation session. As female face shaving uses a much more precise single blade, it's just gliding away dead skin build-up. Plus, using a blade means no more dealing with outbreaks or skin reactions to exfoliation creams.


3. A Female Face Razor is Small and Gets into Every Nook

No, we’re not trying to say you’ve got nooks and crannies on your face. But what you do have, is delicate skin layers and facial contours that make some vellus hair hard to reach. Especially with other hair removal techniques.

This is exactly the reason dermaplaning has become so popular over recent years. It’s much more delicate on the skin as well as precise than other hair-removal tactics like tweezing (when you’re doing it right: ladies, it’s with the grain!).


4. Female Face Shaving Means Moisturizers are Fully Absorbed

When you remove the extra skin layer with a female face razor (notice how we’re not saying just any old razor?), you’re removing an absorption barrier.

Dead skin absorbs your expensive moisturizers, gels, sprays and everything else. When you remove it, the new skin underneath gets all the pickings of the moisturizing banquet. This means your hydrating serums will be absorbed deeper into the skin for a healthier glow!


5. Your New Self-Confidence Will Have You Strutting Through Town

That healthier glow we mentioned isn’t just your skin: it’s everything else about you, too. The benefits of female face shaving aren’t all in the way your skin looks, feels and thrives. While that’s the main part, you also feel more confident about the way your skin is looking (trust us).

Even better, your armada of beauty products will sit better on the skin and last longer with even coverage. One of the reasons being that there are no hair follicle oils wreaking havoc on your application. And there's no more dead skin absorbing that full coverage look.


6. There Aren’t Ingrown Hairs to Worry about with Vellus Hair Removal

Taking a more scientific look at the benefits of dermaplaning means getting familiar with the types of facial hair. Yes, there’s more than one to think about.

Most of us feisty felines want to get rid of that annoying peach fuzz. Oh, and that one super long hair on the cheek that appears to sprout overnight. This is called vellus hair. The best part is that this hair doesn’t grow back with a sharp edge, stays peachy and fuzzy and doesn’t give you ingrown hairs, either.

The other type, terminal hair, is a whole other story!


7. At-Home Dermaplaning Helps to Smooth-Out Fine Lines

Women face shave for various reasons. You might be wanting better foundation coverage. Or you may want to finally tackle the peach fuzz without the extortionate beautician. You may even want to smooth out those fine lines you’ve gotten after frowning in confusion at others who sprout dermaplaning myths.

This is because grabbing your female face razor is another form of microdermabrasion. It gets the skin collagen going and boost cell turnover. Meaning softly running over your face with a hella-sharp blade is another way to tighten the new skin layer.


8. Female Face Shaving Promotes an Even Skin Tone

For the same reasons at-home dermaplaning reduces fine lines, it reduces uneven skin tones.

That means those acne scars you got from too much popping in your teens can finally go bye-bye. All while you begin to live your best life with glowing, smooth, healthy and tightened skin. With thanks, of course, to a simple-yet-effective female face razor.

Ah, there are more benefits. There are some that are individual and others that everyone will get to have a taste of. But, long story short, everyone should shave their face and you’ll have to discover the rest of the benefits for yourself. We can’t give the entire game away.

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