About Us

Our Story

The truth is we are obsessed with the results and the instant gratification of shaving! By adding Jill into your beauty routine you will instantly see a difference and want to tell everyone about your newly discovered beauty hack! Here’s a little about how Jill came to life.

Our Founder, Meagan Carboney is an avid face shaver herself! A busy working mama who discovered face shaving a few years back. As a Beauty Influencer, she quickly discovered how much she loved shaving and how much it improved her skin and the look of her makeup. She found herself always needing new razors and never satisfied with the quality or the options out there, constantly throwing away razor after razor felt so wasteful. After numerous requests from her community on what the best razor out there was…she saw the need for an innovative design catered specifically for a women's face, hand, and something that was environmentally responsible and convenient for women like herself.

Jill was born and we are so proud to be the first to educate women on all the benefits while offering a convenient subscription service for replacement blades.

Our Mission

We believe in educating women on the ins and outs of shaving and the benefits that come with it because we know you will feel so confident in adding this step into your routine that you will start showing up BIGGER in life. The way you deserve! You will empower those around you because you will glow… inside and out.