Fleek - Eyebrow Mapping Thread

Get your eyebrows on FLEEK without heading to the spa

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Get perfect brows everytime with our NEW Fleek mapping thread. Easily make guidelines based on your face shape to get your brows on FLEEK!


  • $14.98
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Perfect Brows in 30 seconds

  • Maximum Precision

    Our inked thread is evenly coated and the perfect width to get a precise guideline everytime

  • Personalized to Your Face

    Fleek uses an age-old aesthetician strategy of using your facial structure to give you YOUR perfect brows

  • Natural Bamboo Thread

    Completely vegan and natural ink

  • Smear Resistant & Easy to Clean

    Get a clean line everytime without worrying about smearing. Wipe to clean with water or our magic wipe when you are done!

Your Shave Routine Just Got Better

Now everytime you shave you can get your brows on FLEEK without the fear of cutting too far

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