1. Painless and Quick Hair Removal/Exfoliation

The act of facial shaving gently removes facial hair and exfoliates skin Everyone has a dulling-layer if vellus hairs and dead skin on their face. Jill removes this gunk to let your natural beauty, glow. This is completely painless .... you konw if you've tried waxing, or threading how much those hurt and burn.

2. Instant and Lasting Glow

When you shave you can instantly see a glow when you shave your face from re-moving that layer of peachfuzz and dead-skin. Your skin naturally will glow and be visibly more radiant and last for up to 2-3 weeks.

3. Skincare Products Penetrate Deeper

Did you know that your skincare is getting absorbed into that layer of peachfuzz and deadskin? Once that layer of is gone your skincare can penetrate freely. This makes it more effective and faster acting. Now you can use less of your expensive serums and skincare for more results.

4. Makeup Applies
Silky Smooth

Just like your skincare your makeup is beig absorbed into that layer of peachfuzz and deadskin- except now it is making it look cakey and pile up. Remove that layer and instantly get his makes it apply silky smooth.

5. Reduces Look of Dark
Spots and Fine Lines

Shaving acts as a mild microdermabrasion it promotes the production of new healthy skincells which fight fine lines and dark spots. Plus it future-proofs and tightens your skin, so you stay glowing and youth-ful.

6. Get Perfect Brows Too

Eyebrows when unmanaged can become a bit of a hassle, and sometimes a trip to the salon isn't possible. When you shave you, the Jill razor features a small petite blade to perfectly line and correct your brows so they stay on fleek.

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