How To Recycle Your Blades

How to properly dispose your blades

At Jill, sustainability is a part of our ethos and in our DNA! One of the main factors we took into consideration when we developed our glow wand, was how we solve the disposable razor problem.

Here's our simple 3 step system to safely disposable your jill blades!

Remove metal blade with pull tab.

The pull tab is located on the side of the blade. Be careful here not to cut yourself as you pull out the blade, you may want to wear gloves if it ap-pears to be stuck in tightly.


Recycle plastic piece.

Simply recycle the plastic parts of the blade!


Insert metal piece into a safe container, and recycle/follow local guidelines for disposing sharp metal objects.

This is where things can get a bit confusing, make sure to check your
local guidelines for how to properly dispose sharp objects as this
varies depending on country/state of residence. Typically they re-
quire to put into a safe, labelled container(such as a metal tin), and
either recycle or drop off at an institution.

P.S., We are working on our own recycling program where you can send us back your old metal blades and we can safely recycle them

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