Blade Replacement Program

Our team at Jill have determined that a minuscule percentage of blades may be affected by this defect:

  • Sharp tip on the wide blade
  • Wide blade loose when attached to wand
  • Blade easily falls out of casing

If you have experienced any of these with your blade(s), you may be eligible to receive a refund and free replacement.

How Can I Be Eligible?

  • Must have one of the defects listed above
  • Received blades in the past 30 days

Service Process

You must reach out to our support team  here  or at and provide a picture or video showing the defect. Once approved, a refund and replacement will be processed.

Additional Information

Only a very small percentage of blades have been affected and we will be tripling down on quality control. So it's very not likely to affect any of your future subscription/refill orders. If you need more information, please contact us here or at

We apologize if you were affected by this and thank you for your co-operation! 

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