Pull off thread and make a line...

  1. Center line from middle of nose to middle of the forehead. 
  2. Horizontal line across the top and bottom of the brows. 
  3. All the way across the top of your brows to determine the highest point of your arches.
  4. Mark the fronts of the brows by making a line from the mid-nostril to the front of the brow. Repeat on the other side. 
  5. From mid nostril to center or the pupil to top of the brow to locate the position of your arch. 
  6. From the outer nostril to the outer corner of the eye to the tail of the brow. 
  7. From mid ear to tail of the brow to the top arch point. 
  8. From the top front line of your brow to the high arch point. 
  9. From the bottom front of the brow to 2mm past the arch point and connect the lower arch point to the tail. 

Wipe excess and shape

  1. Use a Jill Magic Wipe to remove the extra mapping lines, leaving only the outer line of the brow shape in tact. 
  2. Use your Petite Blade to remove any of the hair outside of the brow shape. 

Enjoy your FLEEK Brows!

Make sure you really think about the steps and process, it wil be slightly different for everyone, but once you get it down t o your unique face you can rock flawless brows everyday!


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