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Gently Removes Facial Hair and Exfoliates Skin.

Everyone has a dulling-layer of vellus hairs and deadskin on their face. Jill removes this gunk to let your natural beauty glow.

Helps Remove Acne-scars & Smoothen Skin Texture.

Shaving promotes blood-flow and new skin cells to grow faster which smooths and evens your skin out faster. Achieve flawless radiant skin.

Enhance Effects of Skincare.

Removing the 'dull-layer' from your skin lets your skincare products penetrate deeper and become more effective.

Silky-smooth Makeup Application.

Say good-bye to the cakey makeup nightmare. With your fuzz and deadskin gone, your make up will look better than ever.

Prevent Acne with Clean Blades

We are on a mission to normalize female face shaving. It's totally normal, accepted and has countless benefits. Jill was made to finally debunk the myths and show the beauty in shaving: minus the pink tax.

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