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  • 2 Blades designed for women

    Get a shave made just for you, easily dermaplane your face & precisely shape your brows.

  • Sensitive skin-safe blade

    A blade designed for all skin-types, not too aggressive and not dull - the perfect glow giving device.

  • Auto-Delivery, reglows to your doorstep

    Never forget to order your reglows, they'll be automatically shipped to you. Pause, skip, cancel anytime, no strings attached.

  • Save 20% on refills (and future products)

    Who doesn't like savings?

  • Increased effects from regular use

    Yes you will have an instant glow, but the long-term benefits of shaving are even better. Aids collagen production, fine-lines and dark spots lightening and more.

  • Join the club

    Get access to freebies, skincare-content, tons of giveaways & V.I.P. support.

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Kaley A.

I have been using mine for about 2 months now and holy amazing. I will never use anything else. My face is soft and looks amazing. It’s so gentle and effective. Thank you Jill!

Jamie C.

Used my Jill razor for the second time and loved it the 2nd time more then the first! My face feels so soft and my skin so smooth!

Belen C.

Love it!!!! I usually would use a eyebrows razor and always would get a cut somewhere. But with jill never. I love how smooth it leave my face and how it exfoliate its. 100% recommended it.

Kiley S.

Shipping was very fast and free, packaging was the cutest, and the product was just amazing! I loved it

Amanda G.

I absolutely love this razor! I used to use tinkles and they would always irritate my face and cause breakouts. After using this my face was so smooth and non irritated. This is the best razor i’ve ever tried and will now be a forever customer.

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