How to Use The Jill Magic Hair Identifying Spray


Cleanse Face

Every good dermaplaning routine starts the same, with a cleansed face. Use your favourite gentle cleanser, then pat dry.


Use Magic Wipe

The best way to prep your skin for the shave ahead is with our pre-shave magic wipe. Simply swipe it across all your desired shave areas.


Spritz 6-8 inches away from face

Less is more here, you’ll be surprised how much the spray sticks once it sets. Spritz all your desired shave areas.


Shave in short strokes in the direction of hair growth

Nothing new here - use your Jill to gently shave your entire face. Pull the skin taut and shave in short feathery strokes until all your peachfuzz is gone.


Cleanse Again

This is an optional step, but we recommend using your gentle cleanser again to remove any bacteria and dirt that your dermaplaning session may have brought up! If you’d like, you can just rinse your face instead.


Moisturize & enjoy your glow ✨

Use the Jill Glow Post Shave Serum or your favourite nourishing moisturizer/ facial oil to finish your shave routine! Enjoy your instant glow.

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