The Jill Method

An easy 3-step process that will help you get a perfect shave every-time.

You will learn to
love this feeling-

and trust me
the first time you put your makeup on you’re going to feel like a new person!

If your skin looks a little red, this is also very normal!

What we are going to use next is going to help bring down any redness and don’t worry it won’t last long! Congrats sister!
You just shaved your face! You are amazing!

Let’s nourish the skin

with a facial oil or moisturizer that is packed full of hydration and nutrients for your skin.

Again, you won’t want to follow up your shave with any active ingredient products or chemical based products.

We are all about natural, clean beauty and
we want your skin to be as happy as you are about
you new found skincare practice.

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