The Jill Method

An easy 3-step process that will help you get a perfect shave every-time.

Make sure you have
your Gunk Pad handy.

You’ll want to clean your
blade every few strokes!

Hold your Jill razor at a 45 degree angle
and pull the skin taut with the opposite hand.

Remember, the KEY to female face shaving is—

that we shave in the direction the hair grows and not against the grain. This will prevent any sort of stubble in the regrowth phase and your hair will grow back just the same.

If this is your first time shaving:

Definitely start gentle and slow and don’t feel the need to dig into your skin! Use light feathering motions until you get used to this skincare practice.

You won’t need to get very close to your brows since you’ve already shaped these.

The Wide Blade

Be very gentle! Once you've completed those areas, go ahead and switch over to the bigger blade, the Jill wide blade. This will be used for the larger areas of your face. Start with your fore-head and use short downward strokes.

The Petite Blade

Start your shave with the petite blade and shape around your brows. This blade was designed to lay perfectly against your brows and help you achieve that nice arched brow shape— you can also use the petite blade to go right between your brows/upper nose region. Once you've cleaned up the brows — move to the upper lip. The petite blade fits this part of the face per-fectly as well. Feel free to use the petite blade on your nose and around your nostrils as well.

Eventually you will move to the other parts of the face you want to shave:
cheeks, jawline, neckline, chin, etc

Make sure you’re cleaning your blade as you go! You don’t want any hair or dead skin building up on your blade. Also, make sure to avoid any inflamed areas (acne) or raised moles.

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