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BYBy Meagan Carboney

Published: August, 2022

pros and cons of shaving your face as a woman

Women have facial hair, and there is no shame in facing this fact. Facial hairs are harmless, but they can be one of the biggest confidence snatchers for a woman. The thick growth of vellus hair is a nuisance and can make a woman hyperconscious about her looks.

While females have too many options to get rid of facial hair, most methods have a downside. Women want a home-based, instant, painless solution that doesn't need constant trips to salons and is free from side effects.

Shaving is one method that fulfills a woman's demand rightly. Before you pick up your razor, let's discuss the pros and cons of shaving your face as a woman.

Pros Of Face Shaving For Women

'We Shave Too' club is expanding every day because of its growing popularity. It's hard to deny the bountiful benefits face shaving offers. This section will discuss the pros of face shaving for women.

Clean Skin

Facial hair is constantly exposed to dirt, pollution, and sweat, which builds up a layer of dead skin cells. Shaving removes the dead skin layer, excess oil, and gunk and opens up clogged pores. It leads to cleaner, softer, and luminant skin, allowing the moisture to penetrate deeper and hydrate the skin for a clean glossy look.

Smoother Skin

The trapped oil and dirt in the peach fuzz entertains acne-causing bacteria. Shaving helps get rid of these trapped bacteria and oils. It prevents acne and leaves the skin plumper, smoother, and bouncier. There's a noticeable difference in the skin complexion as it lightens the darker areas.

Better penetration of products

Skincare products are effective if they penetrate deeper into the skin. Peach fuzz prevents the proper absorption of the products decreasing their efficacy. Shaving is a form of physical exfoliation that removes the peach fuzz and unclogs the pores. It enables better penetration of the skincare products, enhancing the skincare routine's efficiency.

Self- Confidence

Those tiny threads hanging on the face can snatch away the confidence a woman is born with. Some women find it embarrassing, which makes them camera shy and run low on confidence. If removing peach fuzz can recharge their confidence, shaving is worth a try.

Easier Makeup Application

A skin free from fuzz, dead skin cells, and the dirt allows makeup to glide smoothly. Shaving is the first choice of many beauty influencers because it offers better makeup results. The makeup sits well post shaving and doesn't look cakey.

Painless Procedure

Shaving chops the hair on the skin's surface. During this process, the hair follicles remain undisturbed, which makes it a painless procedure. Most hair removal methods pull the hair out from the roots, cause damage to the skin, and are painful.

Collagen Production

Collagen production gets a boost from shaving, preventing wrinkles and fine lines. "The low-grade friction from shaving stimulates collagen production and smoothes the skin. That's one of the reasons men typically have far fewer wrinkles than women do," says Kenneth Beer, M.D., a dermatologist based in Florida.


Shaving is cost-effective, hygienic, and accessible. Other hair removal methods can leave a big hole in the budget.

Cons of face shaving for women

Shaving has its cons, but they are insignificant compared to other methods. Here we will discuss the cons of women's face shaving and how you can fix the problem.


Not following proper shaving techniques can result in a five o'clock shadow. People shaving terminal hair are more prone to shadow due to the thickness of the hair.

Vellus hair differs from terminal hair, so the problem of the shadow is uncommon among people shaving off their vellus hair.

Burns and Cuts

Pre-shave preparation is crucial as a razor needs a clean and smooth base to glide. Using a razor before applying essential oils or shaving creams can cause razor burns and cuts. Shaving against the grain for a closer shave can also result in cuts and burns.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a problem with people shaving their terminal hair without precautions. Vellus hair is much easy to remove because of its soft texture. Women with thicker and coarser facial hair can get ingrown while shaving, lasting up to 2-3 days.


People using soap water for lubrication can experience dryness post shaving. Applying soap removes the natural moisturizing oils, leaving the skin dry and flaky. On the other hand, shaving cream lubricates and builds a barrier between the skin and the razor. The razor glides smoothly, preventing dryness, nicks, and cuts.


Shaving only cuts the hair on the surface, unlike waxing or tweezing. Although the hair grows at its pace, one must shave more often to keep the face fuzz-free.

Quick Tips

Vellus hair can be removed from the face without any side effects by following proper shaving techniques. Here are some quick tips to follow:

  • Use shaving tools created exclusively for women's faces.
  • Prepare the skin before shaving by applying shaving creams or oils.
  • Avoid using soap water to prevent dryness.
  • Don't shave against the grain to avoid razor burns and cuts.
  • Maintain shaving hygiene by using a fresh and clean blade every time.
  • Follow the 3C's of shaving for best results.
  • Try shaving after a warm shower or put on a warm washcloth before shaving.
  • Sensitive skin should avoid using any scented product after shaving.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining proper hygiene and following the right procedure is the key to best shaving results. It's the best form of physical exfoliation and a way to achieve radiant skin instantly. The side effects of shaving a face for a female are negligible if one follows the right shaving techniques. Most cons are linked with shaving terminal hair due to its coarser nature. Vellus hairs are fine; thus, the problem of ingrown hairs and five o'clock shadow is less common.

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