Should Women Shave their Face?

BYBy Meagan Carboney

Published: September, 2022

should women shave their face

Little fuzzies on the upper lip and other areas of the face can make the makeup look dull and cakey. In other cases, they may look darker and more conspicuous, making a woman feel less confident as she walks through the crowd. In such scenarios, should women shave their faces to achieve the glow, makeup results, and skin benefits they have always dreamt of? The folklore narrating that the hair will grow thicker and darker after shaving rests in the book of myths. So why not give it a try?

Is Face Shaving Good For Women?

To be honest, yes! The most famous beauty divas, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor, did it. Shaving strikes off the pain and side effects that come with other hair removal techniques. It's a form of physical exfoliation that helps remove dead skin layers. It reduces the risk of major skin problems like acne and pimples.

Why Should Women Shave Their Face?

Face shaving has undeniable skin benefits– the reason why it enjoys its growing popularity. It's time to grab the razor and shave the vellus hairs off to unveil the confidence hiding behind those fuzzies. This section will discuss the benefits of face shaving and why women should pick razors to get fuzzies off.

Reason #1: Smoother Base for the Makeup Products

Peach fuzz traps the foundation and prevents makeup from blending well, which causes pilling, giving a cakey makeup look. Vogue, an influential American fashion and lifestyle magazine, mentions most beauty influencers and makeup artists prefer shaving for poreless makeup application. Concealers and foundations blend like a dream and don't get trapped in the fuzz, avoiding makeup to look cakey. Shaving the vellus hair removes the barrier between the makeup and the skin. The skin turns into a smooth canvas ready to give flawless makeup results.

Reason #2: Better Absorption of Skincare Products

Vellus hair traps gunk, dirt, and oil, creating a barrier made up of dead skin cells. This barrier doesn't allow the skin care product to penetrate enough into the skin and show results in a given time. Shaving works as a mini peel that removes the layer of dead skin cells and allows all the goodness from the skin care products to sink in. The skincare routine turns more effective when there are no vellus hairs and dead skin cells on the face.

Reason #3: Skin Exfoliation

Each shaving stroke exfoliates the skin and removes the layer of dead skin cells that builds up due to pollution, dust, and debris. It is one of the best benefits of shaving, which other hair removal methods don't offer. Azadeh Shirazi, a cosmetic dermatologist, mentions, "Shaving is a much deeper exfoliation treatment… so removing the dead skin cells allows for better penetration of your skincare products, making them more effective. It also allows for makeup to go on smoother,"

Reason #4: Promotes Collagen Production

Dr. Michael Prage an aesthetic clinician who has a practice in London, says: 'From an anti-aging point of view, home shaving has some effect. It's like mild microdermabrasion, encouraging collagen production, and reducing wrinkles. Whenever there's trauma to the skin, collagen stimulation helps in cell renewal.' It's the reason why men have fewer wrinkles than women.

Reason #5: Shiny and Healthy Skin

The tiny hairs on the face trap most environmental dirt, resulting in dullness. The skin's natural glow hides behind the layer of dead cells that darkens the complexion. Shaving off peach fuzz reveals the natural glow overshadowed by the dead skin layer. The skin looks and feels shiny, radiant, and soft. It also enjoys all the benefits of skincare products, making the skin look healthy.

Ways to Achieve Better Shaving Results

Should women shave their faces despite the risks of razor burns and cuts? First off, there is no risk for people shaving with the right tools and techniques. Shaving is a yes for women who want to achieve all the amazing skin benefits that come with it.

  • Pamper the skin before running the razor through the face to prepare it for shaving.
  • Use the woman's face shaving razor, and tilt it to 45 degrees from the skin's surface. Shave in small strokes with light hands.
  • Apply no makeup immediately after shaving to avoid any skin irritation.
  • Reserve the aftershave period for skin care products that are hydrating and moisturizing.


The best part about shaving? It's simple and convenient to do at any time without any expert. Shaving helps eliminate peach fuzz and dead skin layers. Makeup applies better, and skin enjoys anti-aging benefits with enhanced collagen production. Face shaving should become a part of every woman's skincare routine who loves their skin and wants to give it more.

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