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BYBy Meagan Carboney

Published: August, 2022

how to use eyebrow razor

Well-sculpted eyebrows beautifully pull together the entire makeup look. Eyebrows can be perfect or unruly, and the fact is not everyone is blessed with perfectly shaped eyebrows. Some women have to take charge to tame those unruly hairs. Plucking, threading, and tweezing are way too tortuous for eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow razors can help one achieve beautifully carved eyebrows. Don't get nervous; it's easy to shape brows with a razor. Let's now discuss the step-by-step procedure of using an eyebrow razor to get beautifully arched brows.

Step 1: Choosing a Right Razor

PRazor alert! An eyebrow razor is a small razor designed especially for facial hairs. It's different from men's facial razors and the one used for body shaving. The standard razors used for underarm and leg shaving are unsafe for women's face shaving. A facial razor should be comfortable to hold and control as it will prevent from overdoing the brows. Grab a fresh set of brow razors every time before razoring the eyebrows.

Step 2: Skin Cleansing

Start by cleaning the face with a mild cleanser and pat dry with a clean towel. Washing the face before razoring removes excess dirt, sweat, and bacteria resting on the eyebrows. It will also prevent the spread of bacteria to other areas of the face.

Step 3: Brow Brushing

Brush the eyebrows with a spoolie outwards and upwards. It will help one know about the areas that need razoring and trimming.

Step 4: Shape Determining

It's vital to pick the right eyebrow shape that perfectly defines the face. Draw the shape of the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil before starting razoring.

  • Place a pencil on the center of one nostril to mark the brow's inner edges.
  • Look straight and align the pencil with the iris's outer edge. It will help determine the position where the brow's arch should peak.
  • Align the brow pencil with the eye's outer corner to mark the tail of the eyebrows.

Step 5: Brow Outlining

After determining the right shape for the eyebrows, outline them with an eyebrow pencil. Be cautious while outlining because it will guide the razor while razoring. Connect the lines in the previous step and create an outline.

Step 6: Facial Oil

Don't ever dry shave. The razor needs something to glide on; to help this, reach for facial oil. Use a minimal amount of oil and apply it around the eyebrow area.

Step 7: Brows Upper Area Shaving

After all the preps, this is how to use an eyebrow razor for careful shaving.

  • Hold the skin taut and tilt the razor at 45 degrees.
  • Move the razor in the direction of the hair growth.
  • A large stroke can ruin the shaving outcome; make sure the strokes are short and light.

Keep checking the progress in the mirror so that it goes well as planned. Don't rush. Keep washing the razor after every two to three strokes. When done, gently wipe that area with a wet towel.

Step 8: Under the Brows Shaving

It's time to shave under the brows. This can be tricky but follow the outline for best results. Maintain the uniform thickness while shaving under the brows up to the arch. After reaching the arch, slowly try to make the ends tapered. Tapering and arching are for women who prefer these eyebrow styles.

To achieve well-groomed eyebrows, shave in between the brows if there's any growth in that area. The inner edge and the outer edge should be in the same line. However, one can also keep the tail of the brows a bit higher than the inner edge.

Step 9: Double Checking

TOnce done, comb the brows up with a spoolie. Trim the hairs that extend beyond the drawn outline with a pair of scissors. Now brush the hair downwards and repeat the same step. Look in the mirror or ask a friend if there are any stray hairs. Pluck the stray hair out with a tweezer to get the final look.

Step 10: Final touches

Dip a cotton pad into a makeup remover and sweep the brows. Brush it to get them in shape and flaunt. Don’t use any exfoliator or chemical-based products immediately after shaving. Eyebrow razoring is safe and easy to practice. After practicing it once or twice, women can do their brows at home without experts and parlor visits.

How Long Does Shaved Eyebrows Last?

Eyebrow shaving is not associated with the failure to regenerate brow hairs. The growth cycle of eyebrows is around three to six weeks, depending upon one's hair growth. It won't grow any faster or thicker. Women can shave their eyebrow hairs once a week to keep the results.


Shaping eyebrows is tricky but using a razor to do that makes the process a whole lot easier. It's cost-effective, accessible, and pain-free. Never try to shave facial hair with a regular razor; it can be risky. Always grab a facial razor designed to run smoothly on the face. Shaving gives the most defined eyebrow results one can wish for. Tweezing and threading, however, are painful and need an expert by your side to deal with the bushy brows.

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