10 Best Upper Lip Hair Removal Methods Uncovered

BYBy Meagan Carboney

Published: August, 2022

upper lip hair removal

Women's lips are the center of attraction; no doubt how their beauty fetches eyes and grabs attention. A fine layer of hair growth on the upper lip can overshadow a woman's confidence and make her paranoid. Getting rid of it before it adds to the list of insecurities is the best decision. After all, it's self-care!

Despite different upper lip hair removal methods, women find it challenging to pick the right one for their faces. Here we will discuss some of the best ways to remove upper lip hairs and de-fuzz pretty faces.

Method #1 Shaving

Razors have made a smooth way into a women's beauty regimen. It sets no bar for hair growth and type, making it a suitable method for terminal and vellus hair removal. It's convenient for women who are pain-phobic and want instant results. Razor bumps, burns, and redness are some side effects of shaving. The downside to this method comes with failure to follow proper shaving techniques. Shaving works for most skin types, but women with severe acne should avoid it. The solution is temporary but loaded with benefits to the skin. No, hair won't grow thicker or darker

Method #2: Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams dissolve facial and terminal hair from the shaft, but it's not something sensitive skin should try. It's an effortless method and leaves the skin fuzz-free for 2-3 days. The compositions of depilatory cream are harsh and can give chemical burns, which may lead to darker skin. A patch test is a must before giving this method a try. The American Academy of Dermatology mentions that the strong odor in these creams can irritate a sensitive nose.

Method #3: Laser

Laser treatment targets pigmented follicles to get rid of unwanted hairs temporarily. The results last much longer than any other hair removal method. It is ineffective for:

  • Women with grey, blonde, and white hair due to a lack of pigment in the follicles.
  • It may cause post-inflammatory pigmentation in women with darker skin tones.
  • The treatment is futile for upper lips hairs due to lack of pigment

According to the National Library of Medicine, an ideal patient for conventional laser hair removal is one with thick, dark terminal hairs, light skin, and normal hormonal status. After the treatment, the patient might suffer from mild pain, perifollicular edema, and thermal burns.

Method #4: Electrolysis

Electrolysis is an expensive but permanent hair removal solution. It doesn't target melanin like lasers and effectively removes both terminal and vellus hair. The electric current zaps the hair follicle via needles. Thus, the procedure is comparatively more painful than laser. There are short-lived side effects, but the results are permanent. Depending on hair growth and type, the process can take eight months to 2 years.

Method #5: Threading

Threading pulls the upper lip hair out from the roots, similar to tweezing and epilation. The method is pocket-friendly but painful. It is not recommended for someone with thicker growth and sensitive skin. It may cause a temporary tugging sensation while eating, talking, and smiling. Minor swelling and redness are common. Not a permanent solution but its effects lasts up to weeks.

Method #6: Tweezing

It's an arduous method that involves plucking each hair one by one. Perfect for small areas like eyebrows. Plucking the hair from the root tears the lower follicle surface, causing pitting. It may cause infection, and the follicle may refurbish with improved blood supply to nurture new hairs. The regrowth can be darker and thicker, so it's not an option one should go for very often. It's a temporary fix that leads to scarring and irritation when done excessively.

Method #7: Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning works the same as shaving, but it's a thorough procedure. The expert uses a sharp scalpel to remove hair from the upper lips. Dermaplaning is suited for the removal of both

terminal and vellus hair. The results can last up to three weeks, depending upon the rate of hair growth. Professionals should perform this method to avoid breakouts, infection and irritation.

Method #8: Waxing

Waxing works for all types of hair growth and thickness. It hurts, but the upshots are long-lasting. Rashes, bumps, and ingrown hairs are common side effects that result from the constant pulling of the roots. Sugaring is another alternative to waxing with similar results but lesser side effects. The face remains fuzz-free for up to a month.

Method #9: HomeMade Remedies

Milk, turmeric, gelatin, and honey are kitchen ingredients used in home remedies for facial hair removal. Home remedies are usually ineffective and never give precise and instant results. Though it is free from side effects, the results are never promised.

Method #10: Bleaching

Women with fair and light complexions can enjoy the benefits of bleaching. It gets more prominent on darker complexions and is thus not recommended for dark skin tones. It's not a permanent solution and comes with complications like skin allergies and irritation.

Which Method Is Best for You?

  • Laser or Electrolysis? If someone is looking for a permanent solution and cost is not an issue, electrolysis is good to go.
  • Shaving or Dermaplaning? Both are a good choice. Shaving is a form of dermaplaning done at home and is cost-effective. It is easy to learn and practice without professionals. Dermaplaning needs an expert, and salon visits and is expensive.
  • Threading, tweezing, sugaring, and waxing disturb and irritate the hair follicles. The constant pulling and plucking of hair can promote the growth of new hairs. Sensitive skin should avoid opting for such methods.
  • Bleaching or Depilatory creams? Both the products use harsh chemicals, which can irritate the skin and cause chemical burns. Patch tests are a must every time before application.


Upper lip hairs can be an eye sore, but there are methods that help eliminate this annoying fuzz. The facial skin is delicate. It doesn't need a complex, tortuous, and painful hair removal solution to look beautiful. Women should pick a method depending upon their skin type and pain threshold.

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